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Vinod Anant Mestry


Vinod Anant Mestry is an Author, Softskills Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Counselor. He has guided more than 80,000 people on various personal development and motivational topics and has till date conducted more than 850 Seminars and workshops on various subjects.

Conducted various Corporate Seminars such as ‘SuperManager’ ‘Corporate Shivaji Raje’ ‘Self Mastery’ ‘Team Building’ on Lawrence & Mayo, Christian Chamber of Commerce, Dimensions, Marathi Business Club, Born to Win Training and Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Swarajya Infotech, Saturday Club and so on.

He has Anchored no. of programs in presence of Dr. Abhay Bang, Bharat Dabholkar, Retired DG Arvind Inamdarji, Ujwal Nikamji, Dr. Salil Kulkarni, Mulekaka, famous corporate lawyer Nitin Potdar and so on.

With his seven years deep research, he has developed an inspirational seminar called ‘Mala Shivaji Vhaychay.’ He has Conducted more than 100 training sessions and Seminars on the same.

He has been interviewed by FM GOLD 100.7 on the subject ‘King Shivaji’s Strategies and their implementation in Business. It was recorded and broadcasted in 5 episodes

He has also provided guidance to the students at Indore, Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi.

His book ‘Mala Shivaji Vhaychay’ was published on 19th February 2014 through Dr. Jagannathrao Hegge and Famous Entrepreneur Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide. It’s second edition was published on 29th November 2014 through Marathi Superstar Swapnil Joshi. It has got tremendous response from Authors and Highly Positive reviews by readers, Critics and Newspapers.
His Second book ‘Samasya te Sandhi (Obstacles to Opportunity)’ was published on 26th December 2014 and 2 more books called ‘I Lead Mantra’ and ‘Samvad Tujha Majha’ are in row.