‘मराठा 300’ सेमिनार, सह्याद्री फार्म्सच्या TOP MANAGEMENT वर

Took Session on “Higher Efficiency in business through Pavankhind War” at GP Farms Resort Nashik 21st July 2016 on Top and middle level Management of Sahyadri Farms Pvt Ltd, one of the highest exporters of farm produce. The team of highly talented people led by a visionary personality Chairman Mr. Vilas Shinde Sir…THE SESSION ENDED WITH A STANDING OVATION. It was two days workshop.
Also got opportunity put my valuable inputs on Values of the company.
It was a great success. The team included Mr. Prashant Khambaswadkar, Chairman of Universal Skills Pvt Ltd, Mr. Rajesh Gohar and Mrs. Farida Virani, Director, Universal Skills, Mr. Atish Kulkarni, founder Aspa Gurukool
Thanks to Universal Skills Pvt Ltd and Sahyadri Farms Pvt Ltd.

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