१० पोलिस प्रशिक्षण केंद्रातील ८६०० पोलीस कॅडेटसना प्रशिक्षण

Dear Friends,
I am very glad to announce that our Police Training Second Phase is completed and also considered as Super Hit!
It was a Herculean Task and seemed impossible. With proper planning we converted impossible into difficult and with proper execution everything seemed so easy.
The task was to train:
– 8,600+ police cadets in
– 9 different districts of Maharashtra like Pune, Mumbai, Sangali, Solapur, Latur, Akola, Nagpur, Jalana, Dhule
– 10 police training centers
– Training on Trainers (For 200+ PI’s)
10 DYSP’s
– Review Session on 10 DCP’s (Principals of respective PTCs)
– 11 different Subjects like
Relationship Mastery, Self Mastery, Technology and its uses in police dept, Communications Mastery, SWOT Analysis and Talent+, High Efficiency, Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Irregular Lifestyle and Health, Finiancial Freedom etc,
– 1100 Sessions
– 2 Phases

Our Team of 6 Trainers and 1 Technical Assistant worked with dedication and application and made this impossible task possible in 5 months.
It has happened for the first time in the History of police depaetment. We all are very happy to contribute in the lives of around 9,000 policemen. This will definitely change face of police department.
The revolution has been started.
Mr. Rajesh Gohar, Mr. Sameer Padwal, Mr. Subodh Mestry, Mr. Sunil Shantaram Kanal, Mr. Atish Kulkarni, Mr. Kalpesh MestryKalpe and Me, we all are a proud team. It us a different feeling, can’t be expressed in words….
Special Thanks to Addtional Director General of Police Dr. Venkatesham Sir for believing us and giving us this opportunity, Mr. Sanjay GovilkarSir for guiding us, all police cadets for giving us lot of love and response and ofcourse all of you my friends for your love and support always….

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